Amplifier Electronics

Amplifier electronics is an electronic device made of transistor or vacuum tubes. However, today they are mostly embedded in a small chip called the integrated circuit (IC). It is used to increase the voltage or power of signal in response to an input signal. Amplifier electronics are used in the wide range of different electronic equipments. The singers produce a great impact of their voice on their listeners partly due to the amplification of their voices due to the amplifier electronics. If amplifiers were not invented, then it would have been hard to communicate in a crowd especially when making speech or singing a song.
How Amplifier Electronics Work?

Amplifier electronics use a similar methodology for a regeneration of sound in sound equipment. Sound can be reproduced in the following ways:

* A movement of the microphone diaphragm is produced by the sound waves. The microphone converts the movement of the diaphragm into the electrical signal which produces the respective rarefaction and compression.

* The electrical signal is encoded as a pattern by the recorder in some medium.

* The player translates the pattern back to the electrical signal and electricity will help the speaker cone to move back and forth. The will again create a change in the air pressure; which will be recorded by the microphone.

Applications Of The Amplifier Electronics:

Amplifier electronics finds its application in many different devices. It is most commonly used in the musical instrument like guitar, electric keyboard and electric bass. It increases the amplitude of the sound greatly; as a result, the voice of the singers can be easily heard by the crowd of people. Moreover, the hearing aid device uses amplifier electronics which increases the loudness of the sound; it is made for those people who have hearing impairment. Amplifier electronics is also used in the television, microcomputers, high fidelity (hi-fi) stereo equipments and radio. It is also in the dimmer which is an electronic device to increase the intensity of the stage lights.
Classification Of Amplifier Electronics:

Amplifier electronics can be classified in different ways like bandwidth (narrow or wide), frequency range (e.g. audio or radio frequency) or output parameter like power or voltage. In the amplitude modulated signal for sound broadcasting, a radio frequency of 10 kilohertz is required. However, in a frequency modulated system, the wide band radio frequency amplifiers are needed. A bandwidth of 100 kilohertz is needed in a high quality frequency modulated audio of the amplifier electronics

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