Automobile Market Distribution Channel Mode

Automobile market Distribution Channel is the important foundation and security of automobile industry. In the shortly years, through the structure of control strong car distribution channel system, we get with multinational auto company holds the capital, this will be increase China’s auto industry competitive ability of survival and the reality of competition advantage.

The brand is specializing in the mainstream of the car market channel mode.
Now the domestic brand specializes in almost universal according to international general model of automobile retailing, the standard model construction “trinity” (3 S) format or “quaternary” (4 S) format: to companies producing cars Marketing Department as the center and the regional management center, supported by franchise or authorized dealer as the base, set new car sales, spare parts supply, maintenance service, information feedback and treatment for an organic whole, controlled by the manufacturer’s distribution channel mode.

Brand stores the operation cost is higher, the franchise bring monopoly that terminal services is difficult to want, leading to brand short-term interests and long-term interests hard to balance, which is currently in brand problem which needs to be settled

Intensive automobile market is users buy the principal place of automobile products.
One is the management mainly services. Managers don’t participate in business sales activities, but by the dealer business sales, trading market comes only responsible for hardware construction and perfects the management well. Beijing automobile market is the Asian representative of this model. As the market car variety is complete, the transactions within the standard, attracted customers all over the country to buy trading market. The second is proprietary give priority to, other comes into play, the market is very little dealers’ management is also a major automobile seller.

Auto industrial park is tangible market new direction of development.
Along with the north automobile market the contribution of the Beijing international auto trade service park car park, a new distribution channel for the model presented in front of us. Auto industrial park is combined with the Chinese market “is concentrated and scattered” characteristic, several foreign channel mode organically, and become a car market argued the new direction of development in

China’s auto market has full access to brand management era. In this distribution mode, and how the chain operation scale advantages and manufacturing enterprise brand management together, using the Internet and capital advantage, strengthen brand, which is the current needs to solve the problem.

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