Business Networking – Social Networking Sometimes Brings the Unexpected

We are all bodies in motion. And since we are, we are always interacting with others. In other words, networking.
Being in motion means that unexpected things happen. Take bees for example.  When bees are gathering nectar for their honey, they inadvertently cross pollinate flowers. O.K. then. What about business networking? Do you think that unexpected things might happen here?
Sure they do.
You talk to Tom at an after hours event. You mention that you have a boat. Tom talks to his friend Mary. Mary mentions that she took a sailing class last year. Tom tells Mary that you have a boat. Tom introduces you to Mary. You invite Mary to go sailing. Mary thinks you’re hitting on her. Mary tells her friend Monica that you’re a jerk. Monica happens to know your ex wife, Patty. Monica tells Patty that you’re a jerk. Patty tells Monica that she already knows that, that’s why she divorced you. Patty, who is now thinking about you and how much of a jerk you are, calls her attorney. The attorney gets you into court to jack up your alimony payments.
Unexpected, right? See how this all works?
On the other hand, what if Mary didn’t think you were hitting on her and went sailing with you. It so happens that Mary is an entrepreneur who started a company that you’ve been trying to get a contract with for your business. You now have a business opportunity here. If you play your cards right and follow up with Mary, perhaps you can not only get that contract, but also get referrals from Mary.
You never know what will happen from networking. Like a bad smell…I mean, like ripples in a pond, spoken words or social connections can spread out far beyond what you may have imagined and positively or negatively affect your business growth. Like it or not, networking happens in business. So why not learn to do it correctly and effectively? You may be surprised at the unexpected benefits you receive.
Oh, and if you meet my ex wife? Pretend you don’t know me.

Networking is not sales! Networking is creating relationships that can lead to sales. If you’ve ever wondered if you should network or how to network effectively, then we can show you how it can be done while having fun at the same time. Networking is the marketing strategy that can super-size your business without gaining all those ugly pounds or raising your cholesterol. If you’re a people person, networking is for you. if you’re not a people person, this can help you overcome your fears while profiting. Visit to get answers to your questions and see how networking can help your business. C’mon….check us out. What have you got to lose?

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