Christian Blogs On The Righteousness Of Christ

Christian articles provide truths on living the victorious life available in Jesus Christ. Learn truths on coming to Christ with humility and true desire having empty hands of faith. Church blogs provide true understanding into the deep relationship offered in Jesus Christ and the many blessings that are experienced as a result.

Christian articles and Christian blogs provide foundational truths for those searching for joy, peace, and freedom in your walk with Christ. Learning to live in the righteousness available through Jesus Christ will set you free from the bondage of performance. Performance is a behavior that keeps many believers in bondage and holds them back from living a truly triumphant life. Freedom is not only available but it is achievable as you learn to recognize the truth of the righteousness available through Jesus Christ. These essential truths are shared in a Christian blog and provide Christians with the ability to live a life of freedom. One such article is entitled, Better to be Real than Right. There is only one righteousness that provides us with salvation and that is the righteousness of Jesus Christ. As we learn to stand alone on this righteousness we will experience freedom and peace such as we have never known before. Reach out today and grab hold of the pivotal truth that will set you free from the bondage of performance.

Coming to Christ in humility rather than religiosity is crucial in order to experience the peace of God. Christian blogs offer training in getting set free from religious thought patterns and behaviors that are based on performance and works. This has created a hindrance for many people in the body of Christ and it results in pride and arrogance. God’s opinion of pride is expressed in the Word of God and God’s opinion of humility is expressed in the Word of God. The Bible says that if we humble ourselves God will exalt us. As we learn to put aside works and religious behaviors we will begin to experience what it is to walk in true freedom. As we truly take on the garment of humility God will exalt us and we will experience the blessings of God in abundance in our life. Christian articles provided on Christian blog sites provide foundational truths for experiencing freedom from the bondage of works.

Enjoy for walking in righteousness the truths available in a church blog and learn to differentiate between your own religious works and those works that result from walking in humility and experiencing relationship with Christ. Even a child is known by their doings and God is aware of our behavior and our works. But our works must be the result of our faith. The Bible says that if we have faith we should be able to show our works that result from that faith. As we learn to walk in genuine righteousness we will experience fruit that does not fail. We will see peace in our lives. We will experience joy and happiness that despite our previous performance of good works had distanced itself from us. The goodness of God is available to those who walk in humility. Enjoy reading Christian blogs that provide deep insight that result and freedom from bondage of works. Learn to live in the freedom available in Jesus Christ. Learn to rest in His righteousness alone and begin to experience true works of faith manifested in your life. is an excellent source for Christian blogs and is designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith. Author Bump Lumpkin delivers a fresh perspective through his creative use of the Christian blog.

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