Do I Have To Wear Golf Shoes?

Most golf courses require you to wear golf shoes while playing. Athletic shoes are fine on some golf courses, you can still produce a reasonable golf score, but it is highly recommended that you purchase a pair of golf shoes if you are a serious golfer.

The main reason you will want to invest in a pair is in the performance. In order for you to take a good shot you will need good footing. There are several cleats at the bottom of the shoe, these cleats keep the golfer firmly to the ground and provide balance so you can take an accurate swing.

A comfortable fit is important especially if you are walking the course and who wants a nasty blister. Athletic shoes are generally very comfortable to walk in and the golf shoes of yesteryear were heavy and very uncomfortable for your feet. Well the good news is these days they are just as comfortable as athletic shoes. They have advanced to lightweight, flexible materials such as memory foam and EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate).

Golf shoes are very valuable in wet conditions. Even in the summer you will find the fairways are wet and throughout the year you are going to come across a lot of wet turf. This could be caused by sprinkled fairways, heavy rain and if you like to play early you will come across the morning dew. The good news is most are waterproof and at the very least water-resistant. Most will come with a one or two years waterproof warranty. Make sure you settle for no less than a one year waterproof warranty.

If you are into fashion it is good to know that you can buy a pair that will rival your favourite pair of sneakers. It used to be unthinkable parading around in a pair of heavy, ugly tasseled shoes, but now they look like any other sneaker with the added bonus or cleats and waterproof features.

We have proved that we really do need a pair of golf shoes, not just because many clubs only allow them, but because they will help you improve your game dramatically. Now are they worth the price that would have you buy them? That all depends on your budget, but the good news is there is a huge price range to choose from. You can buy a pair online or at your local golf store. Online you have a wider range and you can get a better deal. At your store you have the advantage of trying on your shoes before you buy.

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