Golf Shoes: Do They Serve A Purpose?

Way back in the 20th century, there was an obvious point to wearing golf shoes – literally. Quarter-inch metal spikes protruding from the soles were clearly designed to nail golfer to ground and stabilize the body through the swing.

But metal spikes have gone the way of persimmon woods, replaced by so-called “soft spikes” that cause less damage to greens (and hardwood clubhouse floors). In fact, some new models are outfitted with mere nubs, causing some to wonder: Are golf shoes really necessary?

It’s a legitimate question. The answer is, yes, assuming you play on a fairly regular basis and aim to perform well when you do.

True, some shoes look like glorified versions of regular athletic shoes. But those spikes, plastic or otherwise, serve a genuine purpose. By providing excellent traction, they promote a stable, well balanced swing. Not to mention the confidence of knowing your feet won’t slip if you take a violent swipe.

Shoes are especially valuable when the turf is wet. It’s not unusual to encounter moisture on the course, where morning dew, afternoon rain and sprinkler-soaked fairways are commonplace. Bonus: Most are waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

What’s more, they are built for playing golf. Just as shoes made for running, tennis or basketball are designed for movements specific to those sports, the dimensions and features of a golf shoe account for a golfer’s needs. A sturdy yet flexible, balanced platform is paramount, as is a snug fit around the ankles and arches.

Speaking of fit, there’s the comfort factor to consider. Balance and traction are nice, but not if the price is a nasty blister. Fortunately, the days of stiff, heavy shoes are long gone thanks to advances in lightweight, flexible materials and creature comforts like memory foam and moisture-wicking sockliners.

In fact, many golf shoes can rival your favorite sneakers for plush, cushiony coziness.

If you’re a fashionista, the idea of parading around in a pair of tasseled oxfords for five hours may be unthinkable. No worries. Tassels were banished to the history bin even before metal spikes got their comeuppance. And golf manufacturers take style seriously, introducing looks that range from ultra-traditional to skateboard chic.

Okay, so they are useful, comfortable and stylish – clearly they serve a purpose. But are they worth a price tag that could make the gals from Sex and the City blush? Depends on your budget, of course, but there are plenty of solid choices for $ 60-80. And if you’re willing to splurge a little, $ 150 will net you a primo pair.

But the real point of golf shoes is this: They make you look like a real golfer. Not a triathlete, or a tennis player, or a rock climber.

Hey, if you want to play the part, you’ve got to look the part, right?

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