Social Networking: A New Phenomenon

The concept of socializing has undergone a change since last decade. Virtual gatherings have replaced personal meetings that took place in neighborhood parks, cafes, and friends’ homes. Fixed working hours in the past left enough time for people to meet their family members and friends in the evenings. Weekends were spent inviting and visiting people’s homes.
The emergence of the IT industry has taken people into the grip of computer technology. The younger generation is hooked to the Internet for all recreational needs. Even the adults are glued to their computer screens throughout their day slogging in the offices till the wee hours of the day. As a result, the physical mobility has reduced to such an extent that even social interactions have started taking place online. In IT jargon, such interactions are together known as social networking.
Social networking generally takes place in the form of online chatting. One simply needs to download software, free of cost, from a relevant website to begin chatting. The software has features like emoticons that depicting different human expressions. One can select the right emoticon for the right emotion. The advantage of online chatting is that it has enabled people to remain in continuous touch with their social circles throughout the day. One does not have to taken out special time to interact with them.
Most of the offices also have their localized messengers installed on every machine on the network. This enables employees to instantly exchange work details with others while sitting on their workstation. They don’t have to waste time and disrupt their work visiting the person personally. It also helps employees to socialize with their office friends thereby de-stressing them and making them enjoy work.
Social interactions also take place through various social networking websites. Each person has to create his own online profile consisting of his basic background details and post it on the website. Now, he can share pictures, his regular happenings, videos, etc. with the friends he has added to his profile page. The websites have given the joy of meeting long-lost friends to its users. They feel delighted to meet their school or college friends after so many years. Secondly, adding ex-colleagues also help people to maintain contacts in the business world.
Blogging is an upcoming form of social interaction. People post their views, comments, or any other material they want to share with people on their blogging sites.
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