Stews And Slow Cooking


Stews are probably the most delicious food package in the world. Beating soups in terms of solid food and taste, the stews are perfect for appetizers and main course. Healthy and taste-packed contents and divinely mouth-watering gravy has earned its respect in the typical household tables. Its ingredients are even cheap and the struggling public can buy them, considering the amount of contents you shall use. It is also easily paired with a lot of other food like bread etc. Rice is probably the best combination for it since each of its grains will be flavored by the stew, resulting to massive taste explosion in your mouth.

The most known stew is the beef stew. It is because everybody can cook it without spending too much money. Cheap cuts of beef are suitable for slow cooking for low fat content, plenty meat juice, moist and low cost. And the fact that it is sold in cheap price tag, you can buy a lot of them for multiple servings.

Thus, these advantages give the beef stew a high reputation in the stew business.

Chicken stew is also famous. As a locally known food, its ingredients are cheap and can simply be prepared. Just with its rich broth, salt, pepper, butter, milk for thickening and sandwich or rice, anyone can serve this in family gatherings and just the typical dinner and satisfy everyone.

There are also various stew recipes across the globe. Probably one of the most known is the Chili Con Carne. This Mexican delight has been eaten throughout the world, not just in Mexico. The cuisine contains chili peppers, garlic, onions, tomatoes, beans and ground beef. Its reddish gravy resembles the spicy taste of the cuisine and usually paired with tortilla chips. It can also be used as an ingredient in other food like in burgers and spaghetti sauce, therefore spawning a lot of variations based from the dish.

Slow cooking is the most known technique for cooking stews. Better yet, a slow cooker will do the whole cooking for you. Just throw in the ingredients and let the slow cooker do its job. You just have to wait for the 8-hour standard period time for the slow cooking. Do something and then afterwards, you will arrive at a ready-to-serve stew main course ready for consumption.

There you go. I recommend you use the slow cooker when you are cooking your stew. That way, you do not have to worry about cooking your stew in a wrong way.


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