The Joy of Wooden Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are active children’s favorite outdoor toys; hence, they must be of sturdy material to give the support required on the children’s weight. Wooden climbing frames are the preferred type for a solid and safe outdoor play. These wooden climbing frames must be of good wood material like pine and oak to withstand harsh weather conditions as these types of outdoor pieces cannot be easily dismantled and assembled.

Designs and styles

There are many designs and styles for wooden climbing frames in the market today. Many wooden climbing frames manufacturers are getting more innovative with the designs and styles to give consumers more choices.

Children like a wooden climbing frame that is compact and basic with monkey bars and slides. These components on the wooden climbing frame would be quite sufficient to keep the active children preoccupied for several hours as they sweat out their energy with their make belief games and imagination.

One can always add on a commando net as a safety harness if the children are still small; this will break their fall if they slip or roll down.  However, wooden climbing frames are not complicated and seldom incur any serious falls. The wooden climbing frames are quite sturdy to encourage the children to be sure footed as they climb up and down.

Wooden climbing frames can come in a pirate ship or towers to allow children to expand their creative play through their own imagination.


Wooden climbing frames may come with one or more towers to spike the children’s imagination and energy. There is also a wooden platform that makes the children feel on top of the world as they raise their ‘swords’ in their make belief play.

There are wooden monkey bars with 5 rungs of various heights to cater to the different age groups of children. These monkey bars allow the children to swing around and strengthen their arm muscles as they learn good motor skills and ‘battle’ strategies. A commando net can be secured at the bottom of the monkey bars of the wooden climbing frames if small children are involved in the play.

There are usually swing hangers which are usually optional accessories to the wooden climbing frames. These are great components for children to swing around and Trampolines; a swing seat may or may not be necessary.

Wave slides are great add-ons to wooden climbing frames. Children can run up the frame at one end and slide down the wave slides at the other to complete the ‘circuit’.

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