Vietnamese Cooking Techniques

As a journalist, I have traveled the world to explore its beauty and share my breathtaking experiences to the public. I become easily mesmerized by the splendor and magnificence of every country – its culture, people, ways of living, government, and a whole lot more, but most especially, its food! I would wake up each day looking forward to be astonished by the palatability of meals served in every place I visit. Each has its own uniqueness and style; and you can really tell that much thinking and effort has been delved into it. I just could not help but be curious of how they came up with such a masterpiece that I really looked for a way to be familiar with their cooking techniques.

In our most recent tour, my mother and I visited the ever peaceful Denmark. Of course, I would expect to taste the Danish way of cooking and discover the secrets behind their techniques. However, much to my surprise, the cook of the family where we stayed was Vietnamese. She had her own fashion of preparing each dish, and I could not stop myself from eating more than my usual intake. The sad thing was that she would prefer to be alone in the kitchen so that she could really work on a much faster pace, without having anyone getting in her way. So what I did was, I would just quietly sit on the table and examine her every move – from choosing the ingredients from the refrigerator and pantry, up to the time she would segregate, wash, and slice them; until the time she would finally put everything on a pan for frying or inside the oven. Then, after the whole thing has been cooked and she has her free time, I would tend to inquire about her food preparation style, and she would also willingly give me tips on the do’s and don’ts of Vietnamese cooking.

Indeed, one’s voyage would not be complete without at least being familiar with a little history about the place, their people and their culture, and most especially their food. The main purpose of each of my expeditions is not only to discover the distinctive taste of every country, but more importantly to discern the cooking technique behind each work of genius. Certainly, with this latest trip that I have had, I could not help myself but really appreciate and adore the Vietnamese cuisine.

Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Vietnamese Salad and Vietnamese stock on the web today.

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