What Is The Point Of Golf Shoes?

There is a genuine point to wearing golf shoes, and of course you can play without them, but you wont be nearly as effective. The main point is the cleats at the bottom of the shoe. These cleats keep the golfer firmly to the ground and stabilize the body through the swing.

Back in the 20th Century they used metal spikes. They could nail a golfer to the ground no problem, but they would damage the greens and they would become unplayable. Fortunately they don’t make golf shoes with metal spikes any more and most, if not all golf clubs will not let you enter with them.

They have now been replaced by plastic cleats and although they are softer and cause less damage to the greens they are still necessary. They provide excellent traction, they promote a stable well balanced swing and the confidence of knowing that you wont slip if you take a powerful swipe.

They are very valuable when the turf is wet. It is not unusual to come across moisture on the course. You can come across afternoon rain, sprinkler soaked fairways and not to mention the morning dew. As a bonus most are waterproof and at the very least water-resistant. Don’t settle for anything less than a one year waterproof warranty.

The point is they are made for playing golf, just like shoes are made for running, basketball, tennis and other sports. They are designed specifically for that sport so they can get their needs met. The features for a golf shoe offer what a golfer needs to perform to their best. A well balanced, firm and flexible platform is a must.

A snug fit is also important, especially if you are walking the course. The last thing you want is a nasty blister. Fortunately the stiff heavy shoes are gone and now they have advanced to lightweight flexible materials such as memory foam and sock liners. They have taken the technology from athletic shoes and produced a shoe that is flexible, lightweight and comfortable.

If you are into fashion and the idea of parading around in a pair of oxford tassel shoes is unthinkable then there is no need to worry. There is a huge range of stylish golf shoes you can parade around in. They look like you are wearing athletic shoes with the added bonus of cleats and waterproof features.

So we have established, they are useful, stylish and comfortable, clearly there is a genuine point to wearing them. But are they worth the price that would have you buy them? That is going to depend on your budget and there is plenty of choice for most peoples budgets. There are plenty of choices for $ 60-$ 80. If you are willing to spend a little more you can get a cool looking pair for around $ 150. If you really want to splash out and make the girls from Sex and the City blush you can get a pair for $ 400 or more.

The real point is golf shoes make you look like a real golfer. Not a basketball player or a tennis player.

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